Nilay Shah, MBBS

Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, and Medical Officer

Why I joined Emmes

I was given advice during my medical rotations to find a CRO that would hire me, not as a physician, but in a position where I could learn different areas of clinical trials. I was fortunate that Emmes gave me that opportunity and I was able to learn a few different functional areas before moving into the pharmacovigilance department. In my first year at Emmes, I was impressed with the work we were doing and the potential we had to make a public health impact around the world. I quickly realized that Emmes was where I wanted to grow and also help the company grow. It has been almost 16 years at Emmes and each day is as exciting as the first day that I joined.

How I describe our firm to other people

Cutting edge research in several therapeutic areas. Always a collaborative approach with our clients. We have been a well-kept secret for the last few decades. As we continue to grow, I believe that the biotech and pharmaceutical industry will look at Emmes as the ‘go to’ Contract Research Organization (CRO) for partnering on their next studies.

A bit about me

Born and raised in New Jersey, I now call Maryland home for the last 15 years. I have been married for 17 years and have two beautiful daughters. As a family, we love to travel at least twice a year to explore different parts of the world.

How I chose my career

It all happened during a lunch meeting. Right before starting residency, I had a lunch meeting with my sister and one of her Medical Directors in Philadelphia. Lunch turned into several hours. A few weeks later, the tsunami hit southeast Asia and I was invited to go along with the pharmaceutical team under the Medical Director that I had met. Two weeks with the team, I was introduced to the research field and I thought I would give it a try. Looking back, it was a great decision as I have been able to help companies get FDA approval for their products and also grow and build a great network not only domestically but internationally. I am looking forward to my new role as Strategic Partnership VP & Medical Officer to help Emmes continue the growth we have had year after year.

The best part about working here

I get to work with highly driven and successful professionals that I can learn from and that will push me to take on new and challenging opportunities. Emmes values the work life balance and as we continue to grow, we are trying hard to maintain that culture.

My background

I am a physician by training. I have successfully lead teams at Emmes working on Phase II and Phase III/pivotal clinical trials for small to mid-size biotech companies. I have been in the CRO industry for over 15 years. I sit on a few Boards related to our industry. I also have an entrepreneurial background__ my family has started new companies unrelated to the pharmaceutical industry. My entrepreneurial skills have also been valuable in my growth at Emmes.